On February 26th, 2014 we were traveling back home from a dinner ride. We were going 45mph, when a car pulled out in front of us. With no place to go, my husband laid the bike down as we made contact with the car.

I remember being stretched out on the highway, sliding like I was trying to make it to home base. My husband remained with the bike because he hhad held on to the bars. so when the bike stopped traveling, it had landed on his foot.

We substained brokenen bones, road rash, twisted ankle with infection in the skin and lots of bruises. but we are so thankful to be here.

My injuries require longterm healing, so I was let go of my job and my husband is self empolyed, his injuries kept him from working. A member of Fallen Riders board (and friend) contacted us when they heard about our accident. During such a stressful time, it was nice to have a helping hand. FR board met & agreed to make a house payment for us. With all the mounting medical cost and bike loss, this gift truely blessed us.

Thanks FR Board