Kim Paddock

Kim Paddock

August 8 at 2:07pm

I would like to thank the Fallen Riders Fund of Idaho for all of the... help and support that you have given to me in this time of need. You have helped me to keep my power on while I recover from my terrible accident from a dog attacking my Harley and sending me to the ICU. Recovery is a long hard process without adding to it the worry of some of my bills to boot. My children are grateful as well as they depend on me. You are the best!


Hello my┬Ěname is Daniel on March 11th 2014 I was on my motorcycle on the interstate heading towards Twin Falls, ID to work for a week. All of a sudden a truck swerved in to my lane in front of me and then slammed on his breaks. I was going 80MPH and I had less than a car length in between me and the truck to stop. I knew if I hit it dead on I would have went over the truck so with a few seconds to think I turned my bike sideways and slammed into the back of the truck.

While being rushed to St. Alphonsus hospital in Boise Idaho, which was really cool to fly in a helicopter, I came to realize the next day how bad of shape I was in and how lucky of a person I was. I ended up with a little bit of road rash on my back and two brakes in my left tubule and fibula and shattered my femur and ankle on my right leg. I was in the hospital for a week. While having to be in a wheel chair with two broken legs and quit a few metal pins screwed into my ankle and calf, of course I couldn't work and with rejections from government agencies I had no way of paying my bills or food.

Lucky the Organization called Fallen Rider Fund Idaho came to the rescue and helped me out for a couple months. They kept a roof over my head and food in _my stomach and I will be eternally grateful for the Fallen Rider fund Idaho Group for helping me out when no one else would. The Fallen Rider Fund Idaho was started by a loving couple Vicki and Jay whose son died in a motorcycle accident. In memory of their son they started this organization to help other injury motorcyclists. The Fallen Rider Fund Idaho has a ride every year and accepts donations to raise money to help people who have been in a motorcycle accident, just like they helped me. I would encourage anyone who loves to ride to help this organization to grow and go for a ride and meet some wonderful people. Enjoy and Ride on!

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